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TJ Perenara - Announcement

TJ Perenara - Announcement

May 11, 2021

This is it, the moment you have all been waiting for (until it got leaked haha) but that's all good because in this episode we have one of the best lads in the game on the podcast, talking in depth about a huge decision in his career.

TJ Perenara is without a doubt one of the most influential players in rugby, you only have to look at the impact he has had with the Red Hurricanes in the Top League to see that. It's no wonder that there were plenty of teams wanting him on their books and plenty of fans wanting him to be apart of their team.

I guess it was the interest from the Sydney Roosters in the NRL, that made the whole decision even more interesting. The idea of TJ playing in the NRL got everyone talking and giving their opinion as to how he would go. In this episode he talks about just how close he did get to making the switch and he shares his own thoughts as to how he would have gone.

At the end of the day TJ has made the decision on what best suited him and his family and it was really cool to hear the whole background to his final decision.

As you'll hear, TJ is an absolute lad and he has come on the podcast before, so if you haven't heard that one, make sure you scroll back through the archives and listen to his full journey as well. 

Mark Abbott- What a Lad

Mark Abbott- What a Lad

May 10, 2021

It was great to get me old mate Mark Abbott aka Jared on the What a Lad podcast and go through the big marns journey.

After being let go from the Canterbury Academy, Jared decided to back himself and move up to Hawkes Bay a move that instantly paid off. He made the Hawkes Bay ITM Cup squad and after just 5 games he got a phone call from Mark Hammett who was keen to get him involved with the Hurricanes. Jared went on to have a very successful career at the Hurricanes and he was a massive part of the sides culture. 

Jared then moved to Japan taking up a contract with the Coca Cola Red Sparks and he gives a great insight into what life is like in Japan on and off the field. He also shares his insight into the Japan Top League and what that competition is like.

As you'll hear Jared is a champion lad who has a great sense of humour so it was awesome to get him on What a Lad. If you enjoy this episode please share it on any social media platform you use., it's much appreciated!

WRL- What a Lad Rugby League Side

WRL- What a Lad Rugby League Side

May 7, 2021

We're trying something new for this one, I've got 3 absolute lads on who have all been on before, Marty Banks, Jackson Garden Bachop and Tom Marshall as we try to pick an NRL side out of 2021 Super Rugby Aotearoa players.

Switching codes has been a hot topic lately and it's always interested me to think which players would make a successful transition.

How we did it was, we all picked our own team and with out comparing sides until the podcast we tried to come up with a side. Not an easy task but it does make for some interesting debates.

If you think you can pick a better side head over to the What a Lad instagram page and give it a go! The person with the best team will win a very juicy prize! Also make sure you share this podcast, it helps out massively.

Also we will be getting jerseys made for this team, only one in each position so if you're interested in owning a WRL personalised jersey stay right on and the info will be out soon!

Side not- if you haven't heard the full What a Lad episodes with either of these 3 lads, go back through the archives and check them out!


Willis Halaholo- What a Lad

Willis Halaholo- What a Lad

May 3, 2021

I’ve been looking forward to getting the great Willis Halaholo on What a Lad for a while now and man does he deliver with this one!

From life as a troubled teenager, surrounded with the wrong crowd. To becoming a Six Nations  Champion with Wales! I love hearing success stories like these and hearing the honesty Willis shares his story with is so cool.

Willis was always a very talented player but its fair to say he didn’t quite have the discipline required to get to the next level. He became a father at 17 and was doing all the wrong things, drinking, fighting, drugs. He then had a moment where he realised he wanted to change his life and he decided he was going to give rugby a proper go. He moved to Southland by himself, slept on a couch and started carving up.

Then came a Hurricanes contract which lead to a Super Rugby title, where Willis played a huge role.

Willis then made the decision to move to Wales with Cardif and is now playing at the highest level of rugby as he runs out for the Wales International side, which were recently crowned the Six Nations Champion.

This episode has so much in it, and there is so many lessons that can be learnt from it. Willis is an absolute lad for sharing and if you enjoy this episode please give it a share!

Also the Merch is out now so if you enjoy the podcast please go get yourself some Lad gear to help this podcast survive.

Will Tupou -What a Lad

Will Tupou -What a Lad

April 26, 2021

Crossing codes seems to be a hot topic at the moment, so who better to get on What a Lad than one of the greatest to ever do it, Will Tupou.

Will was a NRL sensation at a young age playing on the wing for the Cowboys in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Who could forget his try in Golden Point vs the Knights, one of the greats! As a big league fan, I loved hearing what it was like going into that environment as a teenager, playing with some legends of the game. One of my favourite things about playing with Tups, was the amount of JT (Jonathan Thurston) stories he had, so there's plenty of those in this episode.

After 2 years in the NRL Tups decided to change codes and head to the Western Force, where he made a seamless transition. His rugby union career has gone on to be a very successful one, playing international rugby for Japan at the 2019 RWC being a highlight. However, it was crazy to hear that he almost didn't play at the World Cup, due to some mental health struggles, something I never knew about playing alongside him.

There is so much in this episode, which cover the highs and lows of professional sport and it was awesome to get Tups come on and share his journey so honestly. As you will hear, he is an absolute lad and if you enjoy this episode please give it a share.

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Iopu Iopu Aso - What a Lad

Iopu Iopu Aso - What a Lad

April 19, 2021

Stoked to have one of the great lads, Iopu Iopu Aso join me this week!

Some players just can’t catch a break, in 2015 Iopu was in career best form, he had just signed with the Hurricanes and then injury struck. Not once, but 5 injuries in a row and 2 years later, Iopu was never able to get on the field for the Hurricanes. The man they call Fridge because of his work ethic, he was always working, doing all the rehab and everything he could to come right. Unfortunately though, injuries just kept happening! This took it’s toll on Iopu mentally and it was awesome to hear how he got himself out of a down hill spiral.

There were still plenty of positives to come from his career, representing NZ at 7’s a huge highlight, winning the ITM cup with Taranaki and also although he didn’t get on the field he played a massive part in the Hurricanes 2016 victory!

Having recently decided to hang up the boots after finding a new passion creating video and graphic content, Iopu has made a seamless transition to life after rugby. Go check out his work at https://www.instagram.com/iopu_iopuaso/?hl=en or https://www.instagram.com/iia_visualz/?hl=en

As you’ll hear in this episode, the fridge is a champion lad and a team mate who would always have your back. If you enjoy this episode please give it a share, all shares are very much appreciated!

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Jamison Gibson- Park - What a Lad

Jamison Gibson- Park - What a Lad

April 12, 2021

In this episode I catch up with the Irish legend himself, Jamison Gibson-Park and geez what a lad he is!

The kid who was raised on Great Barrier Island, is one of those guys who is good at literally everything! He is still talked about almost everyday at the Hurricanes, as being the greatest mini team signing in history, after he carried the Mavericks to their greatest winning margin. He is soo gifted, so it's absolutely no surprise to see him going on to becoming one of the best halfbacks in world rugby.

Jammo has had a very successful career, winning the ITM cup with Taranaki, Super Rugby with the Hurricanes, the Champions Cup and Pro 14 a number of times with Leinster and now he's at the pinnacle of the sport playing International rugby for Ireland.

Like all rugby careers, it hasn't all gone to plan, with Jammo missing out on the NZ u20's a side he was expected to make. He was also completely blind shotted from the Blues after one minute being their starting halfback, to having no contract the next week. It just goes to show the brutal reality of professional sport and some of the challenges you face in it.

After listening to this episode, I'm sure you'll realise what a great lad Jammo is and if you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did please give it a share.

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Jeremy Thrush - What a Lad

Jeremy Thrush - What a Lad

April 5, 2021

The man many of you have been waiting for, the lad, the All Black, Jeremy Thrush joins me for this one!

Thrushy has it all, a great mo, a great laugh, a great jaw, an amazing voice and of course possesses incredible rugby talents. As he approaches his 36th birthday, Thrushy is still going strong, playing some great Super Rugby in Perth with the Western Force. A place where he has created a cult following, with his handlebar moustache as well as the passion he's been signing the team song (someone like you) with.

In this episode we go through his impressive 14 year professional rugby career which includes playing for the Wellington Lions, over 100 games for the Hurricanes, 11 caps for the All Blacks, as well as a 4 year stint in the UK with Gloucester. Thrushy has plenty of good stories from his time in the game and he also give some great insight into the mental side of the game and the pressures involved with playing at the highest level.

Thrushy is one of the real characters in the game, I loved having him on the podcast, I hope you enjoy this episode and if you do please give it a share.

If you're after any information about the podcast or keen for a discount from one of our partners, then head over to www.whatalad.com or any questions just message me through the What a Lad instagram page https://www.instagram.com/what_a_lad_podcast/?hl=en 

Johnny Williams - What a Lad

Johnny Williams - What a Lad

March 29, 2021

The recently crowned Six Nations winner, Johnny Williams joins me on What a Lad this week and what a lad he is!

At only 24 years old, the current Welsh international has had a rollercoaster career to date, with some incredible highs and some really low lows! Johnny started his professional rugby career at 18 years old, making his Premiership debut for London Irish. He then went on help England win the Junior RWC as he played a massive role for them. Then after being with London Irish through two relegations, a promotion and many injuries, he decided to move up to the Newcastle Falcons.

In 2019 John boys career took a blow as he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which meant he had to go through surgery and chemotherapy. Obviously a extremely tough period for him to get through but hearing how he dealt with that set back and how quickly he recovered was inspiring.

Then after moving to Wales to join the Scarletts, Johnny quickly made an impression and forced his way into the Wales international side. A side he grew up supporting with his Welsh father.

As you'll hear in this episode Johnny is a great lad who has a huge future in the game. He's also doing some great work around testicular cancer awareness, if you feel ANY abnormalities in your balls please just go get them checked.

If you enjoy this episode or know someone who you think would, then please share it, all shares are very much appreciated.

Angus Ta’avao - What a Lad

Angus Ta’avao - What a Lad

March 26, 2021

Angus Ta'avao, what a lad he is! Man it was a good laugh to get one of the real characters in the game on What a Lad and go through his unbelievable journey! 

One thing I admire about big Gus is his ability to be himself in any situation, he's one of the few rugby players out there who is portrays himself exactly how his is in the changing rooms. He's always a real laugh and such a good lad to be around.

On top of that he's also had an incredible rugby journey to becoming an All Black, with the year he made his debut, he had just been let go by the Waratahs and couldn't get a contract in NZ other than a temporary replacement player contract for the Chiefs. A true case of never giving up on yourself or your dreams and keep believing in yourself.

There's so much in the episode, it's obviously full with humour but it's also very inspiring hearing how Gus has overcome the challenges that have been in front of him. If you enjoy this episode please give it a share, I'm sure you probably already know but this will just confirm to you What a Lad Angus Ta'avao is!

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Tim Bateman- What a Lad

Tim Bateman- What a Lad

March 22, 2021

Tim Bateman has probably been one of the most under appreciated rugby players in New Zealand. He's someone you don't really notice how much he does for a team until he's in your side. He has a massive influence on any team that he is involved with! His rugby brain is the best that I played with. So getting him to come on to What a Lad and give an insight into his 15 year professional career was awesome.

Timmy was a school boy star for CBHS, who then forced his way into a very stacked Canterbury and Crusaders side at a real young age. He left NZ rugby in his early 20's to play in Japan and returned back to NZ 2 years later to join up with the Hurricanes and the Wellington Lions. Timmy was forced to head back to Japan, so that his wife Laura could get the best treatment she could for her multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in 2012. He then returned back to Christchurch for family reasons, before being offered a contract to finish up with the Crusaders. He has since retired every year but is currently still playing in Japan with the Toshiba Brave Lupus.

Off the field Timmy is someone who's always been working at life after rugby and he now has two very successful businesses in the form of, the Cloud 9 float Club and O-Studios, which are both based down in Christchurch. 

Timmy is incredibly smart, inspirational, absolutely quality rugby player and what a lad. He is someone I always enjoyed talking to throughout my career and he goes even better on a podcast, so if you enjoy this episode as much as I did, please give it a share. If you're in the Christchurch area do your self a favour and go and experience a float at Cloud9 studios or go check out O-Studios.



Conrad Smith- What a Lad

Conrad Smith- What a Lad

March 15, 2021

Here is an absolute treat for you, Conrad Smith, the All Black great, the Hurricane legend and genuinely one of the greatest lads I've come across throughout my career. He is here on What a Lad!

The man commonly referred to as Snakey, takes us on his journey that saw him go from being a skinny little half back who couldn't box kick or pass both way, to becoming one of the greatest centres of all time! There's so much in this episode, we talk everything from social media, dealing with injuries, dealing with pressure, the life after rugby transition, the great work he's doing for the charity 'So They Can' and of course plenty of rugby chat.

Listening to this episode will just reinforce to you what a lad the great Snakey is, he's very intelligent, he has a great sense of humour and he is just a genuinely good person. He's someone who taught me so much throughout my career and he was always happy to help others. I'm sure that you will get a lot out of this episode and if you do enjoy it please share it. Conrad obviously doesn't have social media so we will need all the shares we can get with this one. Thanks for all the support so far, it's all very much appreciated.

If you are keen to try the Pure Sport CBD oil, which has been loved by plenty of listeners already. Then head over to www.whatalad.com and you will see a link and the promo code there for you to enjoy. Any issues feel free to message me via https://www.instagram.com/what_a_lad_podcast/?hl=en 

Brad Shields- What a Lad

Brad Shields- What a Lad

March 12, 2021

Two English greats back to back! How good! This time I've got the great lad Brad Shields on to take me through his story and what a story it is!

Brads a player who I felt was playing well enough to be an All Black for about 3 or 4 years back to back, while consistently putting in dominant performances for the Wellington Lions and the Hurricanes. That moment obviously never came, so to see him end up playing International rugby for England was pretty awesome to see and it's interesting to hear how that all happened.

Like all professional sports people Shieldsy has had some massive highs, as well as some lows throughout his career, and dealing with the injury that made him unavailable for the RWC was obviously one of those. It was awesome to hear him share how that effected him so honestly and great to hear some advice for anyone else out there battling through it.

As you will hear from this episode Shieldsy is a great lad, very inspiring and a good sense of humour. Make sure if you enjoy this episode please share it and extra points if you tag in What a Lad on whatever platform you use.

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Lewis Moody- What a Lad

Lewis Moody- What a Lad

March 8, 2021

Not many people know this but todays guest Lewis Moody, is not only an English Rugby great and an absolute lad who is doing amazing things in this world, but he is also my brother in law. So it was awesome to finally get him on What a Lad, to go through his journey to becoming one of the greats.

I had so much to talk to Lewis about for this one, obviously he had a very successful rugby career winning Premierships and Heineken cups with Leicester Tigers, winning the 2003 Rugby World cup with England, captaining them at the 2011 Rugby World Cup and representing the British and Irish Lions. All massive achievements!

He's also doing amazing things with his foundation https://www.thelewismoodyfoundation.org/ which is supporting people and growing awareness around brain tumours. A massive killer! I urge you to go and check out that website and donate if you can. It's a non profit organisation, who are making a massive difference in peoples lives. They also do all sorts of crazy challenges around the world which would be an amazing experience to get on one of those.

Lewis also gives about his thoughts around concussion which is something that I found really interesting. He more than most knows concussion, as his fearless and reckless regard for his body was tested over 300 times at professional level. It's fair to say the game is going the direction with concussion after hearing some of his stories!

Anyway as you'll hear from this episode, Lewis is such a good lad doing great things. If you enjoy this episode please share it, they are all very much appreciated.

Also head over to www.whatalad.com if you're after the discount code for Puresport CBD or Fortune Favours.

John Hardie- What a Lad

John Hardie- What a Lad

March 5, 2021

The legend of John Hardie joins me for this one and he does not disappoint! Currently with the Newcastle Falcons, Hardsauce is probably better well known as the Scotland international, the Highlander great or arguably the greatest Southland Stag of all time! 

Not only is he a great player but he is also a great lad, one who has plenty of stories to share from throughout his journey. Hards is also responsible for one of the greatest videos on the internet as he interrupts a news interview so he shares some insight into that scenario.

Hards has had an amazing career with plenty of highs and also a fair amount of setbacks. It’s cool to hear how players ride the rollercoaster that professional sports brings!

If you enjoy this episode as much as I did listening back to it then please give it a share! It’s all much appreciated! 

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Austin Hay - What a Lad

Austin Hay - What a Lad

March 1, 2021

I'm mixing it up a little bit with this one, going deeper in to the very important topic of mental health. For this episode I'm lucky enough to get on Austin Hay, a young English rugby player who has recently had mental health struggles of his own. Austin is a champion lad who was really keen to open up and talk about it, to potentially help anyone else out there feeling the same.

Austin aka the Seal is a guy I knew at Irish, as a real friendly bloke who always seemed happy so hearing he got to the point he wanted to take his own life really shocked me. It just emphasises how important it is to check on people, even the happy ones and just let them know you are there. 

It's not easy to come on a podcast and open up like this so I really appreciate seal for coming on and you can tell what a lad he is by being willing to talk to anyone out there who might want someone to talk to who has been through it.

If you enjoy this episode or know of someone who may benefit from hearing this one please share it.

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Loni Uhila- Prank

Loni Uhila- Prank

February 26, 2021

With the Joseph Parker fight this weekend, I thought it was a perfect chance to release the Loni Uhila aka The Tongan Bear prank. This prank was done in 2016, just before The Tongan Bear was about to fight the Brown Butterbean on the undercard for a Joseph Parker fight. So we got prank expert Reggie Goodes to call him as someone from Ducco Events, basically to see if we could get him the fight Joseph Parker for 25k. 

Anyone who knows the Tongan Bear will know he's one of the best characters in the game, such a funny guy but he is also confident in the ring. Hopefully we can make this fight happen as it would be a great fight and it’d be great for Loni to get his 25k.

If you enjoy this episode then please share it, thanks for all the shares to date and helping to grow the What a Lad podcast! 

For more information on the partners discounts head to www.whatalad.com 

Jebb Sinclair - What a Lad

Jebb Sinclair - What a Lad

February 22, 2021

I've held off getting this guest on as long as I could. I know you need to time your big names well, so I think now is a great time to take the podcast global and get on an international sensation, who has the self acclaimed best banter in world rugby, Jebb Sinclair!

Jebb has represented Canada at two world cups, he's also represented them on the 7's circuit, he's played Super Rugby with the Stormers, he's won the Curry Cup with the Western Province and he's also a legend of the great club London Irish. He's obviously had a very successful career and some of the stories along the way are classic. Hearing how his Super Rugby career came about being one of the greats.

Everyone who's played with Jebb will know what a character he is, and it's fair to say he's very well known for 2 things, banter and fights. He does not let us down here with either as he shares plenty of stories about both of those topics.

As always if you enjoy this episode please share it and make sure you go check out www.whatalad.com for ways to get involved with our partners Puresport CBD or Fortune Favours.

Richard Watt- Prank

Richard Watt- Prank

February 19, 2021

We are back with a prank, it's been a long time! This one was found deep in the archives which takes us back to 2015 when a young Mark Abbot calls Hurricanes forwards coach Richard (hard parts) Watt. 

The situation for this one was, Watty had flown up to Auckland for an appointment and unfortunately his flight back to Wellington was cancelled due to fog. The Hurricanes had training the next day so Watty decided to hire a car and drive back himself. So we thought it'd be a great chance to jump in and see if we can wind him up somehow.

As anyone who knows Watty will know he is one of the best lads you'll meet, however he does have a short fuse which has seen him clock up roughly 65 red cards during his rugby career. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy this one and as always if you do enjoy it please share it with a friend or on your social media platform and help grow the podcast. Any love is much appreciated!


Mark Stafford- What a Lad

Mark Stafford- What a Lad

February 15, 2021

The beauty of a podcast, you think you know someone well, then you sit with them on the podcast and you are absolutely blown away with their story. That is exactly how this episode with the great man Mark Stafford aka Staffy went. 

Staffy has had an incredible journey to become the face of the TAB and the face of sport here in NZ but he certainly had a few bumps along the way. He shares some mind blowing stories in this episode including one how he died in a car crash but was brought back to life, in an event that ended his rugby career. 

Staffy also gives some unreal insight in to what goes on behind the scenes at the tab and some unbelievable match fixing stories.

I loved this episode as it has a bit of everything in it and you can hear what a genuinely great lad Staffy is!

If you enjoy this episode as always please share it, this is a great one to share with anyone who is having a tough time. 

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